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Anelka and the ‘quenelle’ – this is only the beginning

West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka’s antisemitic goal “celebration” has plunged English football into its third race row in as many years.

The Frenchman’s “quenelle” salute – described by his country’s sports minister Valérie Fourneyron as an incitement to racial hatred, and by journalist Philippe Auclair as “cretinous” – brings to football stadiums in this country a controversy that is spiralling out of control across the Channel.

The rise of the antisemitic signal – part Nazi salute, part “up yours” gesture – has been so rapid that French authorities want to ban its creator, antisemitic “comedian” Dieudonné from performing in public.

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Rip off or good value? The great kosher meat debate

When you sit down for Shabbat dinner, what is on your mind? The joy of being with friends and family? The relevance of the week’s Torah portion? Or concern over the cost of your kosher roast chicken and chopped liver?

Kosher meat and poultry is more widely available in Britain than ever before, with a greater range of quality and affordability.

Yet with the financial climate putting pressure on newly-married couples, families and pensioners alike, fears have been expressed that observance of kashrut laws could hit a crisis-point as consumers struggle to pay the price of keeping kosher.

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