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Interview: Liam Fox

I have interviewed former British Defence Secretary Liam Fox for this week’s Jewish Chronicle.

You can read his views on Israel, Iran, Syria and triviality in politics here or below:

Resigning from government and returning to the backbenches cannot be easy to stomach for any politician, and must be less comfortable still when the cabinet departure is precipitated by a scandal.

But, two years after former Defence Secretary Liam Fox resigned from his role, he has taken a step towards reinventing himself — as an author. Given that he cannot touch-type and required voice-recognition software to compose his near-400-page … Continue Reading

Interview: CST chief Richard Benson

I have interviewed former Community Security Trust chief executive Richard Benson for this week’s Jewish Chronicle.

You can read his views on the terror threat facing British Jews, neo-Nazi nail bomber David Copeland, and ex-English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, here, or below:

The defection of English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson is unconvincing and does not remove the threat posed by the group’s supporters, Anglo-Jewry’s most senior security expert has warned.

Richard Benson, who left his role as chief executive of the Community Security Trust last month, said Mr Robinson was “a street thug” who was yet to prove himself … Continue Reading