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The rise of the Far Right in Hungary

I took part in a debate on The Voice of Russia UK radio discussing the rise of the Far Right and extremist parties across Europe, and Hungary in particular.

It is a topic we have covered extensively on the Jewish Chronicle’s foreign pages, looking at the growing popularity of the Jobbik party.

The other participants in the half-hour discussion were Colm O’Cinneide, who lectures in constitutional and human rights law at UCL; Erik D’Amato, editor of the Hungarian news portal politics.hu; and Benjamin Abtan, president of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement.

Hosted by Brendan Cole, you can hear the … Continue Reading

What a Church of Scotland report on Israel means for Scottish Jews

This week I made two media appearances to discuss a story I broke in the Jewish Chronicle.

My report on a Church of Scotland discussion paper about Israel ahead of its general assembly led to debate about the church’s motivation and the impact on Scottish Jews.

I spoke about the story on Thursday evening’s edition of Newsnight Scotland with former church minister Johnston McKay. You can see the segment on iPlayer, here.

The following morning we met again on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland show. Mr McKay went very much on the offensive, claiming the Jewish community’s response to the … Continue Reading