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Pesach with a difference – the vegan Seder

If you think preparing your kitchen for Pesach is a challenge, imagine how much more difficult the festival is for those who avoid not only chametz, but also meat, fish and all dairy products.

For vegans, a Seder plate featuring a tofu version of a lamb shank or chicken neck, is not an unfamiliar sight.

But an enterprising California couple have now gone further, devising a fully vegan Seder – or “Veder”.

Gary Smith and his wife Kezia Jauron came up with the idea after struggling with the practicalities of Pesach food preparation for vegans in their Los Angeles suburb.

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Ireland’s Jewish community

At the JC we regularly cover issues relating to the Jewish community in Ireland, and anti-Israeli activity in the republic.

This piece followed an interview with Ireland’s only Jewish government minister, Alan Shatter:

Ireland has shed its reputation as a hotbed of anti-Israel activism, according to the republic’s only Jewish minister.

Alan Shatter, Minister of Justice, Equality and Defence, and one of Israel’s most outspoken defenders in Ireland, said the public hostility of recent years had now been replaced with a pragmatic realism, giving Israel supporters cause for hope rather than despair.

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